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Portia Davenport

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About Her

Living... a shallow life until she learns about the disappearance of an old college acquaintance named Chantal Winterbottom. She joins in the investigation to find Chantal with her friends Dory, Drew and Elliott… by doing the smallest amount possible to help.

Profession... actress on the popular crime procedural Surviving Essex. It’s a success, but she wishes her mom would check out an episode and stop lying about what she does for a living.

Relationship Status...  single, and looking to date. The investigation is actually a really great way to meet guys. Chantal’s ex is into her, she meets some really interesting people at a cult, and she even meets a gorgeous man with a French accent while following a lead in Canada. At least something good has come from Chantal’s disappearance.

Challenge... finding Chantal, but more importantly, making sure she stays on TV. The writers say she’s doing a good job, but when word comes down that her character might be killed off, is it how the story has to go, or did she do something wrong? Being on Surviving Essex already doesn’t make her mom proud – how would Mom feel if she got fired?          

Personality... bubbly, optimistic, and self-centered. It sucks that Chantal is missing so as a successful working actress, Portia feels like posting a thoughtful-sounding tweet is more than enough. But she loves meeting new people so she’ll follow Dory on her investigation. The candlelight vigil at Chantal’s parents’ house could be really good for networking.

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