Polly Perkins
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Polly Perkins

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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About Her

Living… in Manhattan in 1939. Polly lives in a world that’s not exactly the same as the 1939 we know; hers is a reality that is much more technologically advanced. Humans truly embraced air travel, and make frequent use of zeppelins, blimps, and personal planes.

Profession… investigative reporter for The Chronicle. Recently, Polly has been digging into the mysterious disappearances of six prominent scientists. Someone just gave her a tip to go to Radio City Music Hall to find out more, and against the wishes of her editor, Polly takes off to investigate.

Relationship Status… single. Polly used to date “Sky Captain” Joe Sullivan three years ago, but the two broke up in China where Joe was piloting with the Flying Tigers. Now that he’s popped up in her life again, she hopes to use their previous relationship to her advantage in order to learn more about the mysterious disappearances. Joe is still bitter about the fact that Polly once sabotaged his plane, and is unwilling to let her tag along at first. It’s been three years, but their relationship is still characterized by barbed banter – an obvious sign that the two still have feelings for each other.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of the disappearances of the scientists, and the robot attack on Manhattan. Polly thinks the sudden appearance of destructive robots in the city is related to the missing scientists. With the help of Sky Captain and his fellow pilots, Polly traces the lead to a rogue scientist, Dr. Totenkopf, who has plans for world domination. Of course, Polly isn’t about to sit idly by and let that happen, and neither is Sky Captain.

Personality… curious, fearless, and courageous. Polly is a tough reporter who plans to do everything in her power to get the scoop on the mystery of the missing scientists. She’s so fearless that she puts herself in the way of the dangerous robots when they begin attacking Manhattan, just so she can get a picture for the newspaper. The only other person in as foolhardy and determined is Sky Captain/Joe, a source of endless sparks (and attraction) between the pair.

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