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The New World

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Grew Up… surrounded by mother nature. The daughter of Powhatan, an Algonquian chief, Pocahontas grew up close to the land, and as a mature young woman, remains full of wonder and honor in its presence.

Living… amidst the beauty of trees, streams, and sky. Early 17th century Virginia has not yet been settled, and nearby Jamestown is still in its infancy. So far, he settlers that have arrived are mysterious and have unclear intentions. While Pocahontas’ father and tribe must decide how to deal with this potential threat, the young princess finds herself is curious about these new people.

Profession… princess of the Algonquians. Despite her status, Pocahontas has been raised for women’s work – foraging for food and firewood and searching for the plant materials used in building thatched houses. She likes to help and is a natural caretaker.

Relationship Status… single for now. When her tribe captures John Smith, an Englishman, Pocahontas can't help but be intrigued by the foreigner and his odd ways. And as the two start spending more time together, it doesn’t take long for her to fall in love.

Challenge… young love and existential crisis. On the one hand, Pocahontas wants to find where her eternal mother lives – to dwell in the all-loving spirit of nature, asking, "what else is life but being near you?” On the other, she loves John Smith and wants to be with him. Will Pocahontas find her peace and purpose in the arms of another or in life itself?

Personality… spirited, adventurous, and caring. Pocahontas might be young and inexperienced, but her youth also brings her kindness. As she says, "I find joy in all I see.”

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