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Grew up... as a flightless angel. Despite having a pair of wings, Pit was born without the ability to fly on his own. So he must depend on the divine intervention of helpful powerful deities.

Living... in Angel Land. Pit lives in a mythical place where humans, gods, angels, and demons must all co-exist. As an angel, Skyworld is his primary domain, but he frequently travels all over the land.

Profession... Captain of Palutena’s Army. Pit leads the centurions, the personal warriors of Palutena, the Goddess of Light. With their skills and weaponry, including Pit’s trusty light bow, they maintain peace and justice throughout Angel Land. As he says, “I’m not an intern. I’m a messenger of the gods!”

Interests… serving his Goddess. Beyond simply being her employee, Pit is completely devoted to his Goddess Palutena. He literally worships her, and keeping her safe and happy is his purpose in life. In return, she grants him the limited power of flight.

Relationship Status... single. Pit’s devotion to Palutena trumps any potential romantic relationships he might otherwise pursue, and their bond is a curious one. Sometimes he is like her son, other times they tease each other like close friends or siblings, and occasionally things even get a little flirty.

Challenge... defeating the Underworld Army. The Underworld Army and its leaders, Medusa and Hades, are by far the biggest threat to the innocent citizens of Angel Land. So whenever these evildoers attack the surface, Pit flies into action to stop them.

Personality... plucky. Pit is a strong and brave warrior, especially when considering his limitations. But even during his most perilous missions, he never stops being chipper. His enthusiastic wisecracks sometimes annoy friends and foes alike, but he doesn’t care. 

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