Pippa Cross

Pippa Cross

A Great and Terrible Beauty

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About Her

Grew Up... breathtakingly beautiful, and spoiled as a result of it. Considered the prettiest girl in her class, Pippa has always drawn the adoration of other people, many of them extremely wealthy. While her parents are delighted at the attention, Pippa isn't, miserably asking, "Why does everyone want to own me?"

Living... at Spence Academy, an all-girls boarding school where Pippa co-rules with her best friend, Felicity.

Profession... student, though not a very good one. Not that it matters much: with her striking eyes and smooth ivory skin, Pippa will have no problems finding a proper man to marry.  And in Victorian-era England, that is the biggest key to a woman’s long-term success.

Interests... beauty, romance, and keeping her poor health a secret. Her love of jewelry and romantic novels may make Pippa seem like any other frivolous young girl. But beneath her pretty face lies a dark secret: Pippa suffers from epilepsy, an ailment that could harm her chances at a good husband.

Relationship Status... single, but looking for true love.  Already a tough task, Pippa's search for becomes harder when her parents arrange for her to marry Mr. Bartleby Bumble, an odious older man whose only redeeming quality is his wealth.

Challenge... avoiding her arranged marriage to Bumble.  Pippa tries ordinary methods at first, arguing with her mother and dropping her fiancée hints about her health. But when her parents insist on the marriage, Pippa turns to the supernatural escapes offered by her friend, Gemma Doyle.

Personality... naive, carefree, and romantic. As innocent and beautiful as a fairytale princess, Pippa is a dreamer, the type of girl who – when reality proves disappointing – would rather “choose the dream instead.”

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