Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie

    My Little Pony

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with incredibly strict parents. Pinkie lived on a rock farm where, "there was no talking. There was no smiling. Only rocks." However, that all changed when Pinkie discovered the magic of fun, a discovery that prompted Pinkie to do something she would do many, many more times – throw a party. 

Living... in Ponyville, a town that's home to talking ponies and Pinkie's best friends in the whole wide world of Equestria.

Profession... baker and employee at Sugarcube Corner. She might be a little spacey at times, but if there's one thing Pinkie can be counted on for, it's a good cupcake.

Interests... parties, singing, and fun! She also has a pet baby alligator named Gummy whom she loves dearly. 

Relationship Status... single. Pinkie doesn't seem to mind too much, though – not that anyone can ever tell what she's thinking. But rest assured that she has many admirers. Let’s be honest: is there anypony out there who DOESN’T love Pinkie Pie? Disliking Pinkie Pie is like disliking sunshine or rainbows – it’s just not possible, unless you think you’re too punk rock for cupcakes. Because, you know, Pinkie will make you cupcakes. In all your favorite flavors. For free. 

Challenge... making her friends happy. Ever since she managed to introduce her family to fun, Pinkie's decided that, "cheering up my friends is just what Pinkie's here to do!" But while it's a task Pinkie loves, it does have its risks: what happens, for example, when she just can't make someone smile? Or if Pinkie (heaven forbid!) manages to actually make someone sad?

Personality... sunny, silly, and sweeter than the most sugary pie. A ball of cheerful energy, Pinkie Pie is as sweet as her name suggests and lives to bring others joy. Her exuberant personality (and penchant for rhymes) can be a little overwhelming for those unused to that, but Pinkie’s always quick to apologize when she steps on any hoofs. With her optimistic attitude, infectious sense of fun, and many plates of baked goods, Pinkie Pie is the best friend you can possibly have.


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