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Pierce Hawthorne


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Living... as Greendale Community College’s resident eccentric millionaire. He spends his time away from the Colorado campus in a gothic-styled mansion that hasn’t been redecorated since the 1980’s. His friend Jeff Winger once described the mansion as what would happen if “David Lee Roth threw up Miami Vice.”

Profession... a student since 1999. Pierce enrolled at Greendale Community College as a way to re-socialize after years of wealth-driven ennui. Even though he’s been enrolled at GCC for over a decade, Pierce hasn’t maintained a friendship longer than a semester. Recently, however, he was invited to join a study group for his Spanish class, and Peirce is working on building lasting relationships with all six members.

Relationship Status… seven times divorced, racking up 32 step-children in the process. However, Pierce hasn’t been too lucky with the young woman of GCC. Or the older women – most notably his number one target of insensitive, flirty remarks: his classmate Shirley.

Challenge... being accepted by the study group in spite of his abrasive remarks. Raised a few decades before most of his new friends, Peirce is oblivious of of his own bigotry and is arrogant about his lack of inhibitions: “I say things others won’t. That has value.”

Personality... loud-mouthed, impatient and gullible. After a childhood full of emotional abuse from his bigoted father, Pierce developed an immense misunderstanding of youth culture, gay culture, and people of other races. But it also left him looking for love and acceptance, leading him to join a cult, and later, the study group. 

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