Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

    Ace Attorney Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... an only child. Phoenix was a little mischievous as a kid. But when he was falsely accused of stealing lunch money, only to be defended by the victim, he discovered his passion for justice.

Living... in Los Angeles. Phoenix’s law office, and occasional talent agency – Wright Anything Agency – is located in L.A.

Profession... defense attorney. People revere Phoenix as one of the best defense attorneys in the business. He can turn around even the most desperate cases. As he says, “What makes us human is that we fight for others.” He was wrongfully disbarred for a few years but quickly rose back to prominence after his name was cleared.

Interests... poker. During his forced retirement, Phoenix became a championship poker player. He’s also a skilled pianist.

Relationship Status... single. Phoenix has had some girlfriends, but the most constant female presence in his life is his assistant Maya Fey, spiritual medium and younger sister of his deceased mentor Mia. He also has an adopted daughter named Trucy.

Challenge... proving his clients' innocence. When the people Phoenix represents tell him they are innocent, Phoenix believes them and does whatever he can to prove their innocence in court. He’ll talk to detectives, gather evidence himself, and grill witnesses to find contradictions and reveal the truth.       

Personality... disciplined professionally but easy-going personally. Phoenix is a relaxed guy who works hard but generally believes things will work out. Unfortunately, this makes him a little naïve, so friends tend to take advantage of him. This also makes him the opposite of his high-strung prosecutor rival and childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth.


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