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Phillip Morgan


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About Him

Living… in Manhattan in style. He lives with his lover, Brandon, in a luxurious penthouse apartment with incredible views.

Interests… murder. When he and Brandon were in prep school, they had a professor named Rupert, who made quite an impression. Rupert taught them about the Art of Murder, and how killing someone is a means of showing one's natural superiority over inferior beings. Phillip and Brandon have taken his studies to the real world, strangling and placing their former prep school classmate, David, inside a trunk. It's their belief that David practically deserved to die for occupying space, while good Americans were dying in war.

Relationship Status… in a one-sided relationship with Brandon. Brandon is very self-assured and tends to dominate Philip. And Philip is getting tired of Brandon only thinking of himself. As he complains to Brandon, “Nothing matters... except that Mr. Brandon liked the party. Mr. Brandon gave the party. Mr. Brandon had a delightful evening.”

Challenge… avoiding getting caught. Brandon has brazenly invited David's family and friends and their former professor Rupert to a dinner after the murder. They even use the trunk containing the body as a buffet table for the food. To get through the night, Phillip needs a lot of alcohol.

Personality… intellectual, emotional, and insecure. He has taken part in a heinous crime, but it would seem that he also might have a conscience buried deep down underneath his philosophical detachment.

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