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Phil Foster

Date Night

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About Him

Living… in his suburban home with his wife and kids. Phil Foster is a typical family man; he and his wife Claire share the same domestic routine day after day after day…

Visiting… New York on his weekly “date night” with Claire. Phil and Claire have decided to spice things up and try a trendy Manhattan restaurant called Claw. In order to get a table in the popular and crowded restaurant, they imitate a no-show couple, the Triplehorns.

Profession… tax lawyer, which isn’t known for its excitement and variety. Phil and his wife make a good living, but they’re both lacking the kind of joie de vivre that they feel they need.

Relationship Status… married with children. When Phil and Claire hear that their best friends are getting divorced, they begin to worry about the health of their own marriage.

Challenge… surviving an unwanted adventure on their date night. After taking the Triplehorns’ reservation, Phil and Claire are confronted by two intimidating men who claim that the Triplehorns owe mobster Joe Miletto a valuable flash drive. Unable to convince the two men of their mistaken identity, the Fosters find themselves on a quest to locate the real Triplehorns.

Personality… domestic, kind, and loving. Phil believes he needs to thrill his wife a bit more, but his sweet, affectionate attitude is what managed to woo Claire in the first place. As he tells her after their adventurous date is over: “I’d do it again, you know. Us, you, me, the kids…all of it. I’d do it again. I’d choose you every time.”

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