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Peter Petrelli


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About Him

Living... in an incredible dreamworld where he can fly. After a few extremely vivid and powerful dreams, Peter calls his politician brother Nathan and tells him he’s jumping off a building. But Peter can’t fly. It’s Nathan who has that power, as Peter discovers when his brother saves him from certain death.

Profession... hospice nurse. But he learns his true calling when he discovers he can absorb the powers of others. He is visited by a Japanese man from the future, Hiro, who tells him, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” These enigmatic words give his life purpose, and he devotes himself to saving the cheerleader… whoever that is.

Relationship Status...  in love with Simone Deveaux, the daughter of his hospice patient. She is an art dealer who is dating an artist who claims he can paint the future. Simone doesn’t believe him, but Peter thinks those paintings might be the keys to saving the world.

Challenge... saving the cheerleader, thus saving the world. Then top that off with understanding his new powers and dealing with his brother’s political campaign. Life isn’t easy for Peter Petrelli, but that hasn’t curbed his optimistic attitude and determination to save the Earth from an apocalyptic future. Even when he learns he might be the cause of that disaster.      

Personality... caring, sweet, and empathetic. That empathy is so strong it manifests itself as the power to literally take on the power of others. And it’s necessary in his job as a hospice nurse. But even as genuine and strong as Peter is, it becomes difficult to shoulder all the burdens suddenly falling squarely on his shoulders.

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