Peter Pan

Peter Pan

    Peter Pan
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… never. On the day he was born, Peter heard his parents talking about what he was to be when he became a man. Peter didn’t ever want to grow up, so he ran away where he can live as a boy forever.

Living… in Neverland, an island where adventures are a daily occurrence. His partner in crime is a fairy named Tinkerbell, who accompanies Peter on his flights of fantasy.

Profession… Captain of the Lost Boys. The lost boys fell out of their strollers when their parents were looking the other way. Since they weren’t claimed in seven days by anyone, they were sent to Neverland to be taken care of. There are no girls in Neverland; girls are too smart to fall out of their strollers.

Interests… listening to stories. Since there are no stories in Neverland, Peter had to fly to London in search of them. He was fortunate to come to the window of Wendy, a sweet girl with two younger brothers, David, and Michael. Wendy told the most wonderful and creative stories. Peter especially liked the ones Wendy told about himself. And now Peter can have all the stories he wants; he convinced Wendy and her brothers to fly back to Neverland with him.

Relationship Status… single. Peter is too young to be interested in girls in a romantic way. But that doesn’t stop Wendy from teaching Peter what a kiss is. Unfortunately, Peter’s new relationship with Wendy is making Tinkerbell a bit jealous and angry. And that’s not a good thing because Tink has quite a temper.

Challenge… defeating Captain Hook. In an earlier fight, Peter cut off Hook’s right hand and fed it to a crocodile. Now Hook has an iron hook where his hand used to be. Hook has been determined to get back at Peter ever since. 

Personality… fearless and fun but also cocky, immature, and self-involved. Peter has a very high opinion of himself. As he says, “I'm youth, I'm joy. I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg. I am cunning, and clever! How clever I am, oh, the cleverness of me!” 


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