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Peter Malloy

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Overview... an opportunistic entertainment reporter. From award-show red carpets to breaking celebrity news, Peter covers it all with a dashing smile and a knowing wink. So when a hot young celebrity thanks his (presumably) gay high school English teacher, Howard Brackett, in his Oscar speech for inspiring his winning performance, Peter is desperate to get the small town scoop. Namely, is Howard actually gay? And if so, why is he marrying a woman in a few days?

Personality... toeing the line between charming and smarmy. As Howard puts it, Peter is “pure television.” He’ll use his charisma to cajole interviews out of everyone from celebrities to mailmen to teenagers. But he does have a genuine side too. As an openly gay man, Peter can relate to the struggle Howard is going through – and maybe can help him through it.

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Peter Malloy
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