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Peter Lyman


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About Him

Living… at the very top of British society. The son of Lord Lyman, Peter is a high-profile aristocrat who has always been well respected by the public. But rumors going around paint a different image of Peter, and the gossip may be more accurate than anyone suspects.

Profession… too rich to need one. Recently, he has been dabbling in politics. If he wants a career in public service, though, it’s important that Lyman keep his image clean.

Interests… women. Unknown to the general public, Peter has a weakness for prostitutes – a secret that he needs to keep at any cost.

Relationship Status… dating an awkward yet beautiful American tourist. Peter has been led to believe that he’s been dating wealthy Jade Juliard Spence, from “the Spences of Palm Beach.” In reality, however, “Jade” is actually Sondra Pransky, a journalism student who's gone undercover to unearth Lyman’s sordid past.

Challenge… keeping his name clean. While she pretends to hang onto his every word, Sondra secretly suspects that Lyman is the infamous “Tarot Card Killer,” a crazed serial killer who's been murdering prostitutes on the streets of London. Even if the rumors aren't true, if Sondra tattles to the public, then Peter can say goodbye to his political career before it's even begun.

Personality… charming, elegant, and courteous. But while Peter Lyman is the image of a well-bred gentleman, his affability masks a darker personality.

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