Peter Klaven
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Peter Klaven

I Love You, Man

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About Him

Grew up… in his supportive, if unusually blunt, family. While Peter grew up relatively well-adjusted, he always had mostly female friends. He never really learned to forge friendships with other men.

Living… on top of the world. Peter has just proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Zooey Rice. He is also poised to sell Lou Ferrigno’s estate and funnel the money into his first real-estate development.

Profession… real estate agent. Peter’s good nature and commitment to finding the appropriate buyer for a given home has made him successful enough. His lack of self-promotion, however, is making it harder for him to advance.

Interests… playing the bass guitar and enjoying quiet nights at home with Zooey. Peter’s a huge fan of the prog-rock band Rush and has been playing their songs since he was just a kid. But he likes to spend most of his free time with his fiancé. The best night he’s had in the past few years was curling up with Zooey, opening a bottle of wine, and watching Chocolat on HBO.

Relationship Status… engaged to the beautiful and sweet Zooey Rice. Peter’s a big hit with the ladies and has had a girlfriend for as long as he can remember. He understands women more than he understands the average man – a fact that’s kept him from relating to most men.

Challenge… finding a male best friend. When he overhears Zooey’s friends talking about how weird it is that he doesn’t have any male friends, Peter becomes determined to obtain someone worthy of being his “best man.” His manhunt leads him to the eccentric Sydney Fife, a fellow Rush fanatic and potential best friend. Unfortunately, his new friendship begins to put strain on Peter’s relationship – forcing him juggle romance and bromance.

Personality… polite, considerate, and sensitive. Peter has a natural ability to tell people what they want to hear – a trait that could be used for nefarious ends by a meaner person, but Peter uses it to make people feel better. Peter’s kindness is his greatest strength and weakness – he’s so dedicated to making everyone around him happy that he has trouble sticking up for himself and getting what he wants.

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