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Peter Highman

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Grew up… with a single mom after his father abandoned them. The last time Peter saw his dad was in 1977. Peter says that his father, “packed his bags…picked them up and put them in the back of his car. And, uh, drove away. Last time I ever saw him.” This is why he is so desperate to be a good father to his own son, who's due any day now.

Living… with his wife in Los Angeles. Peter travels a lot for business, but he’s vowed to do his best to be around more often, especially when the baby is born.

Visiting… Atlanta on business. Peter, who was due to fly home this morning, has been waylaid by a series of unfortunate events caused by a man named Ethan. Peter and Ethan, due to a “huge misunderstanding” have found themselves on the No Fly List.

Relationship Status… married to Sarah Highman, the woman of his dreams. Peter just wants to give his wife what she deserves: love, devotion and attention. He also wants to be with her in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Challenge… get back to L.A. before Friday, when Sarah is due to give birth. Peter has found himself relying on Ethan, the same man who got him kicked off of the plane, to get them both back to Hollywood.

Personality… high-strung, quick-tempered and generally angry. Utterly frustrated with the childish Ethan, he tells him: “If I miss the birth of my own child, I’m gonna choke you out with your own scarf. Wrap that thing ‘round your head, and choke you out!”

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