Peter Gibbons
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Peter Gibbons

Office Space

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Living… in his crappy apartment. It's not much but it's comfortable and he keeps it clean enough to bring girls over so they can watch Kung Fu on Channel 39. He likes where he lives because it's not his office and when he’s there he’s not working. That's enough to make him like it.

Profession… a generic white-collar employee at Initech, Peter spends most of his day staring at his desk. Technically, he’s been tasked with updating bank software for the Year 2000 switch. You see, they wrote all this bank software and to save space, they put “98” instead of “1998.” So he goes through these thousands of lines of code and, uh, it doesn't really matter. He doesn’t like his job. He’s considering not going anymore. A good man who has been ground down by a soulless job, Peter Gibbons sets a new standard at not caring about his job. Gleefully insubordinate, ignorant of office regulations, and psychotic in his hatred of printers, Peter undermines Initech every time he goes to work. 

Interests… hating his job. Peter’s distaste for Initech is so complete that he even spends his time outside of the office reflecting on the soul-crushing grind of corporate servitude. When he gets home from work he just likes to sit on his couch, watch TV, and try to forget about having to go to work tomorrow.

Relationship Status… up in the air. His girlfriend Anne recently sent him to a hypnotherapist and it totally worked. Peter is a totally new man. Rising above the stress of his old life, Peter allows his relationship with Anne to dissolve and sets his eyes on Joanna, a beautiful waitress who shares Peter’s hatred for idiotic management and fondness for Kung Fu.

Challenge… getting even with Initech. When the company reveals its plans to downsize and outsource, Peter makes a decision. His plan: “I want to take enough money from that place that we never ever have to sit in a cubicle ever again.” To this end he and his friends plan to unleash a program that steals a fraction of a cent off Initech’s transactions – a subtle method of theft that will hopefully go unnoticed by the company, but provide a large amount of money over time.

Personality… disillusioned and suffering ennui. Peter is bright, honest, self-aware, and capable – four traits that only serve to make him more miserable at his unfulfilling job. He believes that, “Human beings weren’t meant to sit in little cubicles, starring at computer screens all day.” Despite his current state, it’s obvious that Peter could be happy, and even useful to society, if he could figure out something to do besides fritter away his days at Initech.

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