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Peter Florrick

The Good Wife

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Living… in fairly different digs than he’s used to. Following a very public removal from his office as Cook County (Ill.) State’s Attorney, Peter is serving a 10-month sentence in an Illinois jail. He feels far from his family and his ritzy home in suburban Chicago. Peter especially misses his children. His daughter, Grace, won’t talk to him, though his son, Zach, seems to think it’s a little cool that his dad’s in jail. Peter’s wife, Alicia, isn’t quite sure what she thinks.

Profession… former State’s Attorney of Cook County. He resigned after being accused of hiring prostitutes using State budget money—denying only the part about the State budget money—and is awaiting bail and appeal in a jail cell. A damning sex tape was leaked by a political opponent, humiliating him and his wife, Alicia. It appears that any political office in Chicago comes with its share of temptation and treachery.

Interests… women. While in the State’s Attorney’s office, Peter developed a taste for high-class hookers. He’ll need to find a new hobby.

Relationship Status… married, but complicated. Following the scandal linking him to numerous prostitutes, Peter’s marriage to Alicia has never been rockier. He believes that once he gets out of jail, he can quickly restore things to how they were. Peter doesn’t seem to fully appreciate the extent and permanence of the harm his scandal has caused his marriage, failing to recognize that things will, as Alicia says, “never go back to normal.”

Challenge… repairing the damage to both his political reputation and his family. Politically, he wants to prove that he didn’t use government money to fund his extramarital affairs. However, the crushing demotion from office and banishment to jail has also led Peter to re-evaluate his status as a husband and father. He feels that he has betrayed Alicia’s trust and wants to turn over a new leaf with a more genuine concern for the well-being of his family.

Personality… oblivious, but also apologetic, understanding, and kind, both as a husband and father. He is strong-minded, knowing what he wants and knowing how to manage (or manipulate) others to get it. This can make him a powerful ally, but slightly insensitive too. Peter is a charismatic and powerful but flawed man, trying to work on those flaws now that he’s been laid low.

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