Peter Burke
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Peter Burke

White Collar

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About Him

Living… in New York City, with his wife Elizabeth and his dog Satchmo. He’s also living a life of constant vigilance, because he just made a deal with the con-artist he worked for years to catch: Neal Caffrey.

Profession… FBI agent and Neal’s handler. Neal was almost impossible to catch, but Peter was the man who did it. Now, a few years later, Neal has offered his considerable insider knowledge to help Peter solve white-collar crimes. Peter would prefer not to deal with criminals, but Neal’s skills are invaluable.

Interests… baseball and astronomy. He even played professional baseball briefly, but an injury put an end to that career. Now, he doesn’t have too much time outside of work, but if he gets a break, he spends it with his wife.

Relationship Status… happily married to Elizabeth, a sunny event planner whose patience for his job is amazing. She knows his work is important, and she supports him through everything.

Challenge… dealing with Neal and the criminals they’re after. Neal is likeable, but his ankle bracelet won’t keep him out of trouble for long, and if anyone knows that, it’s Peter. Still, he has more pressing criminals to capture, and this partnership will only work if they work together. Peter has to simultaneously trust Neal when working on a case, and suspect him at all other times.

Personality… hard working, serious, and ethical. Peter always does things by the book but that’s constantly tested during his work with Neal. Neal makes fun of him for being too serious, but when Peter’s relaxed, he is quite friendly. If he has to he can begrudgingly turn up the charm, going from stern-faced FBI agent to a suave Bond-esque gentleman when Neal asks him to.

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