Peter Bretter
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Peter Bretter

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Living… alone for the first time in years. Peter is having trouble adjusting to single life after his girlfriend of five years broke up with him. It seems like “everywhere he looks, [he’s] reminded of her.”

Visiting… Turtle Bay, Hawaii. After spending a few weeks sobbing at the slightest provocation, eventually climaxing in an emotional melt-down at work, Peter has decided to take some time off to try and move on from his relationship. Turtle Bay seems like the perfect place to relax and move on. Unfortunately his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, is staying at the hotel with her new boyfriend, the eccentric British rock star Aldous Snow.

Profession… composer for the hit show, Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime. Peter likes his job, but since his ex-girlfriend is the lead actress, it’s become pretty hard to separate work and his breakup. Now that he’s finally got some time off, he’s thinking about working on his lifelong dream – a puppet-based rock-opera about Dracula.

Relationship Status… single, and unable to even entertain the thought of having a relationship as good as the one he had with Sarah Marshall. Still, despite his depression, he’s growing close with the hotel concierge, Rachel.

Challenge… getting over Sarah Marshall. The heartbroken Peter doesn’t yet have enough distance to see all of the toxic things about his relationship with Sarah, and so spends almost all his time dwelling in self-pity. It might be painful, but seeing Sarah with another man might finally help Peter to see some of the less pleasant aspects of his ex-girlfriend.

Personality… bumbling, slobbish, and a bit needy. Peter is an absolute wreck after his breakup with Sarah. He can’t seem to get through the day without. But Peter is well-meaning, funny, and kind, and if he can manage to put Sarah Marshall behind him, he might realize that he’s exactly what a lot of women are looking for.

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