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Peter Brady

The Brady Bunch

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About Him

Living… with his father Mike, two brothers (Greg and Bobby), stepmother Carol and three stepsisters (Marcia, Jan and Cindy) in Los Angeles. Though the Brady household is as close as any that’s related entirely by blood, it’s awfully crowded. That’s one reason Peter tries to shack up in the treehouse whenever he can. It’s his sanctuary, except when little brother Bobby tries to force his way in.

Profession… student, in the same school as his siblings, which can make for some sticky situations. When one of them’s having a problem at school, they all are, like when Buddy Hinton started bullying Peter’s youngest sister Cindy. Not only was Cindy upset, but Buddy called Peter “chicken” for not fighting him. Peter had no choice but to knock Buddy’s tooth out. Good for him.

Interests… the outdoors, whether it’s hanging out in his treehouse or camping with the whole family. After all the sharing and hand-me-downs, nature’s a place Peter can call his own. His love of the outdoors makes him a perfect Southern Californian kid. Peter has also shown interest in medicine, studying medical encyclopedias and mistakenly diagnosing himself with rare diseases.

Relationship Status… single and yearning for female attention. Not only does Peter often pine for girls from a distance, he has to watch older brother Greg have nothing but success with the ladies. Once, Peter asked Greg with help on getting Kerry Hathaway to like him. Greg was more than happy to do it, but then Kerry started falling for Greg! It’s like Greg doesn’t even have to try.

Challenge… getting as much attention as his other siblings. Peter’s gone through great lengths for his day in the sun. He had a stint as a Humphrey Bogart impersonator, followed by a short career in stand-up comedy that failed because he took the jokes from a joke book and everyone already knew his punchlines.  For now, he’s still the middle brother, trying to one-up Greg just once.

Personality… down on himself. Peter’s personality is actually a sore spot for him – he doesn’t think he has one. Greg’s the big man on campus, Bobby’s the mischievous one – where does Peter fit in? He’s trying to distinguish himself as something other than clumsy. Problem is, as soon as he has a small victory, it makes his head balloon. But hey, he’s still a kid trying to figure things out.

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