Peter Appleton
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Peter Appleton

The Majestic

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About Him

Overview… a 1950s Hollywood screenwriter with everything going for him. At least, he does until he’s accused of having communist sympathies and is put on a Hollywood blacklist, putting himself on the verge of losing everything. Then after a drunken and debilitating car accident, Peter loses his memory. His rescuers, from a small town called Lawson, California, mistake him for a man named Luke Trimble, a long-lost veteran of the Second World War. Soon enough, Peter receives a hero’s welcome in Lawson, where he begins to live out Luke Trimble’s former life.

Personality… ambitious, proud, and talented, at least prior to his amnesia. The accident transformed him into a reticent and quiet man. Though, as his memories begin to creep back, his formerly vivacious personality again rears its head.

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