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Pete Mitchell

Top Gun

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Living… in San Diego at the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School at Miramar training base. The school’s nickname is Top Gun. The best pilots in the Navy go there to learn Air Combat Manouvering, or dogfighting. It’s basically combat acrobatics at faster than the speed of sound.

Profession… pilot. He’s currently at Top Gun to learn the finer techniques of air combat. He used to fly off an aircraft carrier, but after a risky rescue mission that Maverick pulled off, he was sent to a higher class. Maverick’s always had a passion for flying, and he’s here because he’s the best of the best. But the program is guaranteed to make him better, because their job is damned important. As he put it to his peers, “With the tensions in the world today, the potential for confrontation is greater than ever, and carrier pilots will be the first ones there. Air combat excellence is vital.” 

Interests… volleyball. When he has some off time, then a game of volleyball with the guys can help him relax.

Relationship Status… dating his teacher. He met Charlie in a bar, and tried to woo her – unsuccessfully – before realizing she was an instructor at Top Gun. But eventually, she’s won over by his charisma and bravado. It might be that same trait, however, that break them apart.

Challenge… his arrogance. Maverick knows he’s one of the best, and he likes to show off – especially now that he has a rival in top student Iceman. But the rules are there for a reason, and when he breaks them, he might have to suffer consequences he didn’t anticipate.

Personality… daring. Maverick realizes how fleeting his life is, how its worth is in his own hands. He is drawn to danger because it keeps him placed firmly in the present. In the air, in the midst of a dangerous operation, you can’t look farther than ten seconds ahead. That is the only future you’re guaranteed. That’s all Pete has ever needed.

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