Peter LaFleur
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Peter LaFleur

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

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About Him

Living… alone in Los Angeles. 

Profession… owner and operator of Average Joe's Gym. Unlike his rival, Globo Gym, Peter’s gym is a more relaxed place where everyone can work out, no matter what shape they’re in. Unfortunately, the gym is now in foreclosure. He only has a few days to come up with $50,000 or the gym will be shut down.                            

Interests… playing dodgeball. He just picked up the sport again; he hadn’t played it since he was a kid. He recruited some guys from his gym to be on his team to compete in Las Vegas for the sport’s biggest event – the International Dodgeball Open. If they win first prize, they'll have enough money to keep the gym. They only have a few weeks until the tournament, but thankfully, they have the famous coach Patches O'Houlihan to whip them into shape. Since no one on his team is athletic, they will need all the help they can get.

Relationship status… single, but he has his eye on Kate. She’s the attorney who gave him the foreclosure papers, and initially refuses Peter’s advances. Now, after Globo Gym’s disgusting owner White Goodman insulted her, she's emotionally invested in seeing Peter’s team win. Luckily for Peter, she’s the only one on his team who can actually throw a ball. Maybe all those practices will bring the two closer together…

Challenge… beating Globo Gym. With four muscly men and a hairy woman from the former Soviet Union, Globo Gym’s team is quite intimidating. And the gym's owner, White Goodman, is worth millions. As Peter points out: "He's got shareholders. We don't even have cup-holders." Average Joe’s is definitely the underdog.         

Personality… disorganized, thoughtful, and determined for once in his life. Though he is pretty relaxed about most things (like, for instance, paying bills), Peter is motivated to save his gym. He cares too much about the few loyal members of Average Joe’s to let it get shut down by the likes of White Goodman. In dodgeball, Peter found his mission and he is going to give it his all in order to save the gym.                                                                                                           

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