Pete Lattimer
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Pete Lattimer

Warehouse 13

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About Him

Grew up… in an average suburban household in North Canton, Ohio. His father was a firefighter, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Pete’s older sister, Jeannie, is deaf and taught him how to read lips as a child. He was a Boy Scout, but was kicked out for starting a fire. Pete was really close to his father, who used to take him camping and to concerts by Eric Marsden.

Living… in a classified location in South Dakota. After graduating from college, Pete joined the Marines, and then became a Secret Service agent. During a standard presidential detail, Pete neutralized a supernatural threat and drew the attention of a secret governmental agency. Along with another agent, Myka Bering, he was reassigned to Warehouse 13. Near the Warehouse, both were given rooms at Leena’s Bed and Breakfast.

Profession… top-secret. The warehouse to which Myka and Pete have been reassigned stores all the supernatural artifacts that the government has ever found. Their new job is to investigate any reports of unexplainable paranormal activity, capture loose artifacts, and to help manage the warehouse. The cases take them across the country, and continually place them in dangerous situations.  

Interests… cookies, following his vibes, staying sober, comic books, and quoting classic movies. One night when Pete was 12, he had a premonition that he would never see his father again. That night his father died trying to rescue children from a fire. Ever since Pete has always been in tune with his vibes and followed them. Pete is also a recovering alcoholic – he stopped drinking after getting into a drunken car accident and injuring his friend. On a happier note, Pete adores cookies and eats them constantly. He loves them so much that at some point his ringtone was “C is for Cookie” from Sesame Street.

Relationship Status… happily divorced, and now dating. Pete married a fellow Marine named Amanda while young. They got married in a “Love Me Tender” chapel in Las Vegas, but divorced soon after when it became clear they were not compatible; she was dedicated to her career and he was dealing with his alcoholism. After transferring to South Dakota, Pete dates many women and develops a platonic relationship with his partner, Myka.

Challenge… recovering all supernatural artifacts, and staying alive. Being a Warehouse agent is extremely dangerous, and constantly places both Pete and Myka in life-threatening danger. Pete is fearless and is constantly willing to sacrifice his life. He is, however, fortunate enough to have a sixth sense for impending danger – a skill that saves their lives on numerous occasions.

Personality… perceptive, handsome, quick thinker, and loyal. Pete’s boss Artie correctly says that Pete is “intuitive” and “scattershot – he leaps.” Pete can charm practically anybody, and is able to find the bright side of any dire situation. He is a jokester, and constantly tries to get everyone to laugh. He has, however, childish tendencies – for example, trying to see how many croissants he can shove into his mouth at any one point. He is also very curious, and has the bad habit of playing with the dangerous artifacts.

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