Pete Eckhart
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Pete Eckhart

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About Him

Living... alone in Winnetka, Ill., but always surrounded by his close friends and members of his fantasy football league – Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Jenny and Taco.

Profession... working in a fairly low-level cubicle job. Pete prides himself on doing as little work as possible without getting fired. That gives him more time to focus on the league, which he once won three years in a row (thus his team name, the “3-Petes”).

Interests... working the angles. Pete is arguably the most intelligent and sensible member of the league, often expressing his frustration with them. As he once put it, "You're literally the worst people I've ever known." But he thoroughly enjoys using this to his benefit, tricking his league-mates and taking advantage of their insecurities to make lopsided trades in his favor and otherwise screw with them.

Relationship Status... separated, now single. Pete left his wife, Meegan, after she gave away the “lucky” shirt that he liked to wear to his fantasy football draft. That was the last straw, but his discontent had been building: “Being married to Meegan is like being at the beach. You put up with all of this stuff that is totally unacceptable in any other situation, except that, ‘Hey, we're at the beach!’” Pete is now playing the field with intermittent success.

Challenge... laziness. Pete goes though life putting forth as little effort as possible, even though when he does apply himself, he is able to accomplish a great deal. When he (relatively briefly) decided to try harder at work, he was quickly promoted, before retreating back to his no-responsibility comfort zone. His natural inclination is to just sit back, relax, and let the cards fall where they may.

Personality... clever, level-headed, self-aware but apathetic. Pete is the closest thing the league has to a voice of reason, typically avoiding the stress that most of the others fall prey to. It’s Pete who proposes a league truce when things get especially out of hand, arguing, "Every league gets to this point where we've cheated each other so many times over the years, we don't trust each other enough to make a simple trade. It's time for us to clear the air and get a little honesty going." But as with most things in his life, Pete soon backslid to the path of least resistance. Pete is a fun guy to have around, but probably not someone you’d want your life to depend on.

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