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Grew up… being beaten by his alcoholic father. Dr. Cox learned to avoid showing emotion by the (generally poor) example set by his dad. He’s spent most of his life trying to forget his childhood.

Living… amongst fools. Dr. Cox does not exactly dish out the compliments. He acts as if he’s the only sane man at Sacred Heart teaching hospital, and that he is forced to put up with his imbecile colleagues.

Profession… doctor of internal medicine. Dr. Cox believes himself to be the best doctor in the hospital, and enjoys telling people (especially his semi-rival, Dr. Christopher Turk) about his victories: “Honestly, it was like Death and I had a staring match, and, well, Death blinked. Now, all of you know I’m not one to toot my own horn, but, uh…beep, beep.”

Interests… sarcasm. Dr. Cox rarely utters a sincere or complimentary word. He’s a world-weary and sardonic man who is incapable of showing his real emotions. “Ladies and gentleman,” he announces to the hospital, “allow me to present: Man Not Caring.”

Relationship Status… divorced. Dr. Cox has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife, Jordan Sullivan. The two, despite their legal divorce, are still romantically and sexually involved.

Challenge… teaching his interns how to become doctors. For all of Dr. Cox’s ironic posturing, his actions as a doctor show that he is a kind, caring man deep down. Even though he’d never admit it, Dr. Cox has become the de-facto mentor to the promising young intern J.D.

Personality… sarcastic and rude. Dr. Cox says that he’s “been trained for many years to take any emotion I feel, push it down, and then let it out by drinking way too much and yelling at the football players on my T.V. screen.” Still, things are just a lot livelier when Dr. Cox is around.

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