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Grew Up…in Los Angeles. Penny didn’t have an easy childhood – as she puts it, she “grew up lost and lonely.” But this just laid the ground for her ability to sympathize with others.

Living… in Los Angeles still, although she’s an adult now. Penny has dedicated herself to helping others, which has given her a more hopeful outlook on life – not that she has too many illusions about the average citizen’s willingness to get involved. Penny might live in a world where superheroes exist, but that doesn’t do much for the homeless.

Profession… community activist. Right now, Penny is trying to get permission from the city to turn an abandoned building into a homeless shelter. She only needs a few signatures, but no one seems willing to stop and sign her petition. So far, the only exception has been Billy, a guy who goes to the same laundromat as she does. She doesn’t know that Billy is actually a would-be supervillain named Dr. Horrible who is nursing a major crush on her.

Interests… helping people, making friends. Ever since she started talking to Billy when he signed her petition, they’ve been sharing frozen yogurt while waiting for their laundry. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to.

Relationship Status… dating Captain Hammer. Penny was almost crushed by a runaway truck in a freak accident, until Captain Hammer saved her. He’s Los Angeles’ most famous superhero, and he’s even agreed to help her get the homeless shelter started!

Challenge… making a difference when no one else seems to care. Penny wants so badly to help people, but getting ignored day after day is wearying. Now she has Captain Hammer and the funding she needs, but she can’t help but wonder if he’s really the one for her.

Personality… dedicated, caring, and selfless. Penny works constantly to help the people everyone else ignores. This doesn’t mean she’s a naïve romantic, though. She’s completely aware that the problems plaguing her city won’t go away that easily. But she’s determined to lighten them at least a little.

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