Penny Hartz
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Penny Hartz

Happy Endings

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About Her

Living... in a condo of her own, bought to kick off the “Year of Penny” – a premature declaration of 12 months filled with nothing but good luck. She decorates it with vision boards and Kardashian autobiographies while attempting to ward off a supposed “spinster curse.”

Profession... public relations professional, and a good one. But that just pays the gym bills and bar tabs needed to score a good guy. Her “real” fulltime job is a busy nightlife packed with blind dates and cooking classes that hold the potential for storybook “meet-cutes.”

Interests… shopping and being social. Penny loves a party she can dress up for, whether it’s a ‘90s bat mitzvah-themed event or a Halloween bash that requires an elaborate (and uncomfortable) baby-and-mother costume built for two. She is also determined to get everyone saying her catch phrase, “ah-mah-zing.”

Relationship Status... eternally single, outside her role as her gay friend Max’s beard when his parents are in town. Penny is always looking for true love, but more often than not she finds herself with someone too hip, homeless, or named Hitler.

Challenge... staying positive when her personal life is falling to pieces – every man in her life turns out to be Mr. Wrong and every birthday brings bad luck. Penny also has a hard time staying true to herself when starting a new relationship. While dating a heartthrob Italian, she becomes a drunk after learning she is fluent in Italian while intoxicated. Penny will do almost anything to land a guy, and that’s hurting more than helping.

Personality... unflinching optimism in the face of non-stop relationship disappointment. Unpopular in high school, she jumps at any chance to show she has grown into a vibrant and strong (if clumsy) adult. At least it’s easier for her to stay cheery because when things go wrong – and they always do – she knows she has an ah-mah-zing group of friends waiting at Rosalita’s to cheer her up.

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