Malcolm Murray
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Malcolm Murray

Penny Dreadful

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About Him

Overview Sir Malcolm Murray is a wealthy English gentleman and explorer. For many years, he explored the African continent and brought back treasures to adorn his house, ignoring his family in favor of adventure. But now, his wife is estranged from him, his son is dead, and his daughter is missing. He will do anything to recover her, including assemble a team of supernatural talent to track her down and save her—no matter the cost, no matter what she may have become. 

Personality cunning, arrogant, and a strategist. He used to be more jovial, when he was an adventurer, enjoying his explorations even though they cost him a good relationship with his family. But after losing most of his family, his good humor has evaporated, and he seeks only success. He is well-educated, capable, and a good leader, but also uses these traits to serve his own ego. He does love his daughter, though, and is determined to find her.

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