Ethan Chandler
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Ethan Chandler

Penny Dreadful

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About Him

Overview Ethan is an American, living in Europe after he fled America due to a bloody mishap. He’s been making his living as a sharpshooter in the circus, but when the mysterious Vanessa Ives offers him a job as an armed escort, he is intrigued and accepts. But this is no regular security job—Vanessa and the rest of the team are going up against magic, monsters, and the forces of darkness. However, Ethan has more than just fancy shooting to protect him. He’s also a werewolf. 

Personality charismatic and friendly. Ethan has no problem attracting women and charming strangers. Though he pretends to be carefree, he’s actually a very moral man who vehemently objects to wrongdoing, and he won’t trust people he thinks are amoral. He is also thoughtful and has the air of being older than he is, due to the hardships he’s endured.

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