Pauline Parker
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Pauline Parker

Heavenly Creatures

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About Her

Living… in the Fourth World. As Pauline describes, “It's like Heaven only better because there aren't any Christians…We have had it in our possession for about six months, but we only realised it on the day of the Death of Christ.” Essentially it’s an extra part of the brain she and her best friend Juliet have – or so they think.

Profession… student. Pauline pays little mind to school, opting to spend all her time with Juliet. An eccentric friendship to say the least, the two have taken to planning the murder of Pauline’s mother. This idea has occurred to Pauline before, but never has she been more determined to carry it out. She’s thrilled by the idea, and her determination has made the plan more and more intricate. The thrill of anticipation has almost become as pleasurable as the deed itself.

Interests… developing her fantasy world, Borovnia. Together, Pauline and Juliet enact how each saint made love, play games, make up stories, and come up with schemes. They legitimately feel they’ve felt the peace of Bliss and the joy of Sin and return to the normal world is impossible. If anything, they pity the rest of humanity for not appreciating and sharing their genius. 

Relationship Status… perfectly and terrifyingly stable. Pauline is seeing a lodger at her own convenience, but no love can surpass that of Juliet’s. Pauline sees nothing wrong with such a close friendship. She doesn’t see why she has to go to a psychiatrist simply for openly admitting her love for a friend.

Challenge… killing her mother. When Pauline learned her mother was planning on moving them to another town, she fell into a deep depression and considered suicide. As she later explained it, “Life seems so much not worth the living, death such an easy way out. Anger against Mother boiled up inside me as it is she who is one of the main obstacle in my path. Suddenly a means of ridding  myself of this obstacle occurred to me. If she were to die . . .”

Personality… irreverent, to put it mildly. Pauline is shameless in her distrust and disavowal of traditional values. Her interior world is more vital and worthy of respect than any outside force. 

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