Paulie Pennino
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Paulie Pennino

Rocky Series

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About Him

Overview... meat factory worker who makes a meal of being grumpy. Paulie drinks too much, complains too often, and is frequently a pain in the neck to be around. He hectors his poor sister Adrian and likes to belittle his supposed best friend, Rocky Balboa. Paulie isn’t too happy with how his life is going, and he takes it out on the people around him rather than looking within. But while he might insult his friends and family, he definitely doesn’t want anyone else to do so. If they do, it arouses Paulie’s primary positive trait: loyalty. 

Personality... belligerent, badgering, and insecure, but with a (well-hidden) sentimental side. Really, Paulie just needs some love; there’s a good person buried in there somewhere. Like a porcupine, however, Paulie’s defense mechanisms – his rudeness and even meanness – keep most people away. But not Rocky, who keeps reaching out with a helping hand no matter how many times Paulie knocks it away.

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