Paul Vitti
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Paul Vitti

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Grew Up… always getting in trouble. When Paul was only 12, he witnessed his father’s murder.

Living... in New York with his family and a hot girlfriend on the side. He explains, "I just have a girlfriend because it's purely practical. I do things with her I can't do with my wife. I mean, that's the mouth she kisses my children good night with." 

Profession... mob boss. Unfortunately, the mafia isn’t as powerful as it used to be in the good ol’ days. And now he has to deal with Primo Sindone, the newest boss trying to gain control of the town. Vitti just survived an attempted hit, but his friend Dominic was killed. The pressure is starting to get to Vitti. Ever since the attempt, he has been an emotional mess – even crying over television commercials with young boys and their puppies. Sidone cannot find out how weak he has become. 

Relationship Status... don't ask. O.K., he's married, plus a mistress. But for the first time in his life, Vitti is having performance issues in the bedroom. It's very frustrating. 

Challenge... overcoming his emotions. Recently, Vitti believed he was having a heart attack, but the emergency room doctor said he was fine. So Vitti has started to see Dr. Sobel, a psychiatrist, who says he probably had a panic attack due to anxiety. With two weeks before a major mafia meeting, Vitti needs to be cured fast. He needs Sobel’s help 24/7.

Personality... tough and intimidating on the outside, but quick-witted and with more depth than you'd first expect. When you get to know Paul, you see he's not your stereotypical gangster. He’s got a wicked sense of humor and a softer side. Just don’t tell anyone or you’ll be swimming with the fishes.

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