Paul Hackett
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Paul Hackett

After Hours

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About Him

Living… in New York City. He was living a normal life until he met a woman named Marcy at a coffee shop. After he meets her, Paul literally goes across Manhattan throughout the evening in a series of bizarre misadventures.

Profession… computer programmer. Paul has a very uninteresting job that he is bored by. Now the adventure of a lifetime is coming his way, but is not clear he is equipped to deal with everything. At one point, he cries out: "What do you want from me? I'm just a word processor!"

Relationship Status… smitten with Marcy. It's not every day that you meet someone so charming who also shares a love of James Joyce. As he gets to know her better, though, it’s not clear that she is who she says she is.

Challenge… managing to get home. After losing what little money he had (it blew out the window of his cab), he's stranded. Alone in the city, he's beset on all sides by the odd, eccentric, and the just plain dangerous. In the wee hours of the night, he meets strange artists, suicidal maniacs, sadomasochists, an angry mob, and punk-loving clubbers. It’s not clear he’s going to make it though such a weird night.

Personality… earnest but pretty anxious. This night of nights sends him way out of his comfort zone. But ultimately he finds a secret source of confidence to push through. 

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