Paul Crewe
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Paul Crewe

The Longest Yard

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Living… in Allenville Penitentiary in Texas. Paul used to be a professional football quarterback, known as Paul “Wrecking” Crewe, until one day he threw a game. After leaving the NFL, Paul took to drinking and one night got behind the wheel of a car. Now, he’s been sentenced to three years in jail.

Profession… football coach and manager of sorts. Prison Warden Rudolph Hazen has recruited Paul to help whip his guards’ football team into shape. Though Paul quickly finds he’s spending more energy helping his fellow inmates form a menacing team of their own.

Interests… football. Paul loves the game of football more than anything else. But these days, he spends most of his time reminiscing about his past than actually playing.

Relationship Status… single. After trashing his girlfriend’s car (and getting arrested for it), Paul has been left alone.

Challenge… leading the inmates to victory. Paul finds himself in a sticky situation when the prisoners and guards face off in a football game. The cruel warden has threatened to extend Paul’s sentence if the prisoners win the game. Paul has to make a decision: does he want to be loyal to his fellow “sick, degenerate convicts,” or keep himself out of the penitentiary?

Personality… irreverent, sarcastic, and regretful. Paul likes to make the occasional wisecrack, even it gets him in trouble. As he tells a cop that’s smaller than him, “Now, listen here, Mr. Frodo, don’t get short with me.” Paul might not always make the best decisions or say the right thing, but deep down he’s got a good heart. He wants to do anything he can to make up for his past disgraceful behavior.

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