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Paul Conroy


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About Him

Living… in Iraq. Paul is a United States citizen, who is spending time abroad for work.

Profession… truck driver. Many of the locals, since he is American, consider him to be part of the military force, but as Paul explains: “I’m not a soldier. I’m a truck driver. Just a contractor.” 

Interests… escaping. At the moment, Paul doesn’t have anything else on his mind. If you woke up in a small wooden box buried somewhere in the desert, you wouldn’t be thinking of much else either.

Relationship Status… married, with a few kids. The distance has been tough on them, but Paul makes a solid effort to stay in contact. When he’s in a dire situation, his family is one of the first numbers that he calls, to check in and hear a friendly voice.

Challenge… remaining calm. With a limited amount of air, few resources, and nowhere to go, claustrophobia sets in quickly. The situation itself is frightening enough to drive anyone to hysterics, but breaking down won’t aide Paul in getting rescued. Keeping a level head long enough to make contact is his only option.

Personality… fiery and bold. Given his current situation, Paul is desperate and scared. This means that he has a hard time remaining calm, and erupts violently when things frustrate him. He’s able to pull himself together at points, especially in regards to contacting his family, but it doesn’t take long for him to worry himself into a frenzy. He isn’t afraid to call things like he sees them, even though what he sees is very bleak. 

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