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Paul Atreides


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Grew Up… as royalty. Paul is the heir to House Atreides, a powerful family that rules the Planet Caladan. Paul is special in many ways, not least for the fact that his mother has given him Bene Gesserit training, a special spiritual and psychological force that grants him power over others and heightened self-control.

Living… in a tumultuous time in the known universe, ruled by the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV, in the year 10,191. Paul’s family has been ordered by the Emperor to govern the planet Arrakis, the origin of the spice mélange – hotly contested and dangerous territory.

Visiting… the desert planet Arrakis, colloquially known as Dune. The Atreides family faces myriad dangers on the sand-drenched planet, including its indigenous population of wanderers – known as the Fremen – and the deadly Sandworms that live underground.

Profession… none. Paul is a young aristocrat, highly trained with many skills but with no real profession, save to inherit his family’s possessions. But, despite this, some say that he has a special quality ­– that he may be the prophesized messiah.

Challenge… fulfilling his destiny and liberating the planet Arrakis. Paul isn’t only fighting for his own life on the desert planet. He soon finds his own fate bound up with that of its people, the Fremen.

Personality… stoic and strong. Paul has always had a precocious air. His physical and mental abilities have no equal in the known universe, but it will take fate’s dire circumstances to bring his talents to the fore.

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