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Grew Up… the daughter of a successful judge. Patty was always exposed to the justice system as she watched her father be lauded as fair and honest by his peers. However, while her father was a hero in public, in private he physically abused her. Patty saw how power could corrupt people, and she developed a lifelong hatred for bullies.

Living… in New York City, in a fabulous apartment with her husband Phil and her son Michael. Patty’s career usually takes precedence over her relationships, and so the atmosphere at home is often tense.

Profession… ruthless and powerful attorney. Patty has dedicated her career to taking down capitalist and corrupt bullies by any means possible. She’s just started the biggest case she’s ever had: fighting billionaire Arthur Frobisher, who’s accused of insider trading.

Interests… doing whatever it takes to achieve justice, even if it might be unethical. She definitely believes in the ends justifying the means.

Relationship Status… married, to the supportive but quietly distant Phil. She had an affair with a scientist named Daniel Purcell which led to her son Michael, whom Phil agreed to raise with her. Her most intense – and most fraught – relationship is with Ellen, her latest protégée. Patty only took her on as an associate in order to get a witness for a case, but soon she saw a spark of potential in Ellen and decided to keep her on.

Challenge… battling her personal demons. Years ago during her first marriage, Patty induced a miscarriage and lost a daughter in order to continue moving forward in her career. Even as she’s become a huge success, she’s still haunted by her past. Meanwhile, Patty continues to fight for power and justice while protecting her empire.

Personality… ruthless, manipulative, and self-righteous. Patty will do whatever it takes to fight for what she believes is justice and win her case. Sometimes this results in a skewed sense of morality. But, by Patty’s standards she is always right; and if she starts to question if she’s right, she may start to unravel.

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