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About Him

Grew up… in Denver. Patrick was, in his words, “seriously chunky” as a kid. Not to mention the fact that he’s been a nerd for his entire life. Patrick spent many summers at computer camp in Salt Lake City.

Living… in the City by the Bay, i.e. San Francisco. Patrick loves his life, his friends, and his job, but he’s been finding it difficult to navigate the city’s dating scene. As he puts it, “It’s San Francisco – it shouldn’t be so hard to meet cool people in this town.”

Profession… video game designer. Always a lovable nerd, Patrick is a Level Designer for a major video game company. His only problem is that his new boss, Kevin, doesn’t treat him with any respect. To complicate matters further, Patrick sort of likes him.

Interests… when he’s not designing video games, he’s usually playing them. When Patrick plays games he prefers to do so as a female character. He explains, “I’m a guy and I play as a female, and before you say it, it’s not because I’m gay. Women are the outsiders in games and I relate to that. Gay people get it.”

Relationship Status… single. Even though Patrick thinks of himself as a relationship guy, his longest one only lasted six months. Truthfully, he spends a lot of time on OK Cupid, looking for eligible men.

Challenge… opening up a bit more to his family. Patrick came out to his parents a long time ago, but they still don’t really discuss it very often. As a result, Patrick has a bit of residual shame that’s been preventing him from having a successful relationship.

Personality… shy, nervous, and somewhat innocent. Patrick is the awkward one in his friendship group. He doesn’t always have the self-confidence to freely display his cute, nerdy side. But his older, more experienced friends like Dom and Agustin may start rubbing off on him.

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