Patrick Chandler
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Patrick Chandler

Manchester By The Sea

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About Him

Overview... New England teenager whose father recently died of a heart attack. Patrick’s quiet, emotionally distant uncle Lee comes to live with him as his reluctant guardian. They fight about everything, even Lee trying to help too much when Patrick gets upset. He’s grieving while dealing with complicated teenage emotions (and hormones). Patrick would much rather spend time with one of his multiple girlfriends than Lee.  

Personality... sarcastic, angry, and confused. He just wants to be a normal kid – arguing with his friends about Star Trek, playing hockey, hooking up with girls in his basement. But he’s caught in an intense situation he isn’t quite ready to deal with yet. He’s not one to show a lot of emotion but he’s practically a poet compared to his uncle. How are they going to live in the same home until Patrick goes off to college? Does he even want to?

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