Pat Solitano

Pat Solitano

    Silver Linings Playbook
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his parents. Pat was just released into the custody of his parents from a mental health facility for treatment of his bipolar disorder. Pat’s father has a problem with gambling, and has recently been working as a bookie to earn some money in hopes of eventually opening a restaurant.

Profession… former high school teacher. But after a violent incident led to Patrick’s commitment (and a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder) he was forced to leave the profession.

Interests… reading, dancing, and finding the “silver linings” in life. Pat’s been trying to make a change about how he sees his life by focusing on and appreciating the smaller, good things in life. Though he was reluctant to begin at first, Pat agrees to be the dance partner for his friend’s sister-in-law, Tiffany. Now, Pat spends most of his day diligently practicing with Tiffany for an upcoming competition.

Relationship Status… ruined. After Pat was sent to a mental health facility for eight months, his wife, Nikki, got a restraining order against him and moved away. She left him after he came home to find her in the shower with another teacher from his school, and beat the man violently. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel some physical attraction to his dance partner, Tiffany, but Patrick isn’t interested in those kinds of distractions. No matter how long the odds, he is determined to win his wife back.

Challenge… getting his wife back and putting his life back together. Pat is struggling to adjust to life outside the ward. He just wants to go back to his life before he lost it, and get back with his wife Nikki.

Personality… moody, short-tempered, and abrasive. Pat’s temper and attitude instantly turn people off. Whenever he’s in a bad mood, he becomes unpredictable and rude. He lies and judges people, isolating him from others who don’t understand what he’s going through. Though he often rubs people the wrong way, he’s well intentioned. He just wants to control his disorder and show people that he can be a kind and caring person.


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