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Pat Healy

There's Something About Mary

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About Him

Overview... a private detective with a personal mission. Pat is just an eye for hire – until he spies on Mary Jensen, with whom he immediately falls in love. Although Pat discovers that she is a beautiful orthopedic surgeon living in Miami, he lies to Ted (the person who hired him) that Mary is obese and undesirable. Pat plans on claiming Mary for himself, and isn’t afraid to resort to any measures to do so, including drugging Mary’s roommate’s dog.

Personality… shady, slimy, and dishonest. Pat is basically a con artist. Although he claims to be a professional private detective, he’s anything but professional. Lying is second nature to him, and when he has his diabolical eyes set on a prize, he is willing to use every trick in the book to win what he wants.

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Pat Healy
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