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Grew Up… apart from her sisters. Paige was the last daughter born to Patty Halliwell and the only daughter born to a whitelighter father. In 1977, it was unthinkable for a witch and a whitelighter to be romantically involved, and Paige’s grandmother feared the other sisters would be denied their birthright should the Elders ever find out about Patty’s affair. Paige was adopted by a couple who would eventually die in a car accident when Paige was 12.

Living... at the Halliwell manor in San Francisco. Paige was reluctant to move in with her newly discovered sisters at first, fearing that her sisters only wanted her help fighting demons and warlocks. It was only after she felt a part of the family that she was comfortable moving into Prue’s bedroom – an event the sisters celebrated by vanquishing the Shocker demon, which had been attacking the manor for some time.

Profession… full-time witch. Paige was a social worker before she met her sisters and was reluctant about making such a drastic career change. Yet once she decided to devote her life to witchcraft, she realized there’d be little room for anything else. When she has to choose between showing up for her first day of social work and helping her older sister who’d recently been turned into a mermaid, she realized there was no looking back. She would still be helping people, just in a different context.

Interests... learning how to use her abilities. Paige’s unique dual heritage gives her powers both as a witch and whitelighter. She possesses a form of telekineses that allows her to verbally call for objects to orb them to their destinations. She can do this with people as well, including herself. She also trains and protects Whitelighter charges while they learn witchcraft. Eventually, she gains the ability to heal others with the touch of her hand.

Relationship Status... married to Henry Mitchell, though it hasn’t always been easy. Henry was inititally her parole officer, and the strange circumstances, paired with the fact that he was a mortal, made it hard for their relationship to take off. Paige tried to keep her abilities a secret for as long as possible, revealing she was a witch only after she healed Henry from a gunshot wound. Their biggest trial came when a male witch, Simon Marks, declared that he and Paige were destined to marry. Henry fought him away and proposed to Paige, eventually marrying her. They later had twin daughters, Tamora and Kat Mitchell and adopted a baby boy, Henry Junior.

Challenge… maintaining some semblance of a normal life. Paige still suffers from doubts over whether pursuing witchcraft full-time was the wrong path. She’s tried to hold down other jobs in order to have some normalcy, but witchcraft kept creeping its way into each of her day jobs. She’s gone so far as to create entirely new identities that would live without magic. Something always pulls her back in.

Personality… strong-willed. Like her oldest sister Prue, Paige can be stubborn in getting her way. Her biggest concern is maintaining her independence. She’d gone twenty years assuming she was an only child, and being part of the Charmed ones has been a burden at times. She feels less obligated to assimilate and cooperate than the other sisters, though she still loves them and ultimately considers them a blessing.

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