Paige Collins

Paige Collins

    The Vow
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… an artist who spends her days between her sculpture studio and her home with her loving boyfriend, Leo. Paige is dedicated to what she does. She made sacrifices in order to be an artist, including dropping out of law school and therefore estranging herself from her family. But Paige’s family has a few dark secrets of their own, which begin to percolate when she suffers a life-changing accident.

Personality… bright, determined, and happy. Paige, when she’s her normal self, is about as adorable as it gets. She left her old life as a, in Leo’s words, “sweater-set-wearing, mojito-drinking sorority girl,” in order to pursue her bohemian dreams. Today, she’s one of Chicago’s most successful sculptors.


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