Pacey Witter
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Pacey Witter

Dawson's Creek

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Living...  in Capeside, Massachussets, with his family. Pacey is the youngest of four siblings, and is known to his working-class family as their “great disappointment.” Even though his parents are abusive and his alcoholic father often calls him “loser,” Pacey remains optimistic. As he jokes, “it’s the 90’s. Everyone comes from a dysfunctional family. The only happy families are in TV syndication.”

Profession... starting his sophomore year at Capeside High with his best friends, Dawson Leery and Joey Potter. He is an academic underachiever and is known as the class clown. Pacey works with Dawson at ScreenPlay Videos, a movie store which serves as a sanctuary from his unpredictable household.

Interests... women of all ages. Pacey believes he has an intuitive understanding of women and yearns to be a successful ladies-man. He is also fascinated with acting and has acted in several of Dawson’s amateur films.

Relationship Status… interested in an older ScreenPlay Videos patron, Tamara. On the first day of school, Pacey discovers that she is also his English teacher, Ms. Jacobs. Still wanting to seduce her, he boldly tells her, “The truth is you're a well put together, knockout of a woman who's feeling a little insecure about hitting forty. So, when a young, virile boy, such as myself flirts with you, you enjoy it. You entice it.”

Challenge... having barely any support from his family, which has causes him to be continually plagued with feelings of worthlessness. His family’s disappointment in him is the root cause of his lack of self-esteem.

Personality... hilariously sarcastic, loving and rebellious. Pacey constantly tries to defy any form of authority, a trait he most likely developed due to his abusive father – who also happens to be Capeside’s chief of police. Pacey is the underdog among his friends, and is not as innocent as Dawson or Joey. He has a slightly misguided moral compass. As he states, “I'm a firm believer that sometimes it’s right to do the wrong thing.” However, he is incredibly loyal and cares deeply for his friends.

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