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About Him

Grew Up... a shy kid – well, puppy. PaRappa the Rapper has always been a shy young dog that just wanted to follow his musical dreams. However, his bad luck tends to get in his way.

Living... in Club Fun. Club Fun is the hottest venue that all aspiring musicians hope to perform at. Fortunately for PaRappa, soon he might get his shot.

Profession... rapper. Rapping is PaRappa’s passion. Whenever he faces a crisis in life, which is pretty often, he just starts dropping dope rhymes and soon everything ends up O.K.

Interests... learning. Beyond rapping, PaRappa also likes to discover how to do more things like kung-fu, driving a car, and even baking.

Relationship Status... in love. PaRappa has a serious crush on his friend Sunny Funny, a sunflower that seems to like him in return. Her radiant positivity lets her see PaRappa as the kind-hearted soul that he is.

Challenge... winning over Sunny Funny. If PaRappa wants to be with Sunny, he’ll have to overcome many obstacles including her father, General Potter, and his romantic rival Joe Chin, a much more muscular dog. So PaRappa hopes to use his new talents, along with his trusty rapping, to impress Sunny enough that she’ll go steady with him.

Personality... driven. Even when things don’t go his way, PaRappa never lets anything get him down. As he always says, “I gotta believe!” 

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