Ouisa Kittredge
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Ouisa Kittredge

Six Degrees of Separation

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Overview… the wife of a pompous and successful art dealer. Ouisa’s husband describes her as a “dada manifesto.” A status obsessed, Upper East Side socialite, Ouisa is easily impressed by famous names and luxurious objects. Not that she has the vulgar tastes of the nouveau riche, mind you; she is just as refined and sophisticated as any of Manhattan’s old money families. Her obsession with fame and fortune rears its head when she and her husband receive an unexpected visitor one evening.

Personality… stylish, urbane, and utterly refined. Ouisa is a sucker for everything that money can buy. She worships her Kandinsky, her luxurious sofa, and her view of Central Park. It seems that she has all the money that she needs, but she’ll happily take a bit more prestige any way she can get it.

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