Otto Bernhardt

Otto Bernhardt

Sneaky Pete

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About Him

Living... on a large farm in Bridgeport, Connecticut with his family. 

Profession... working in the family business: bail bonds. A war veteran, Otto has managed the store, with his wife Audrey tracking down people who skip court hearings. Otto wants to prove to his family that he is still capable of working, but it may be time for him to retire. 

Relationship status... married. He has been married to his wife Audrey for many years, and he loves his grandchildren Julia, Taylor, Carly, and Pete. He and the rest of his family haven’t seen Pete in twenty years after he mysteriously disappeared, so it was quite a surprise to have him back in their lives. 

Challenge... struggling to make enough money to continue to own their farm. Unfortunately, business hasn’t been good, and Otto’s health has deteriorated. Otto recently had a stroke and is having memory problems. The stress is taking a toll on his marriage and relationship with his grandchildren. 

Personality... friendly, tough, and caring. Otto is a war veteran, and he faces his own war now with his family in a battle to save the farm and their sanity.  

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