Otis "O.J." Hawood, Jr.

Otis "O.J." Hawood, Jr.


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on a ranch in Agua Dulce, California, with his father and younger sister, Emerald. As the oldest, he was given most of the responsibility to work with his father, making them very close. He was always very close to Em too, as he would care for her when their father didn’t. Their father did love them both, but he favored OJ because he was a man. 

Living… on the family ranch in California. His father recently passed away, so OJ is now living on his own. Thankfully, he now has some company since his sister has come to visit.

Profession… horse trainer for the family business, Hayward Hollywood Horses. He is doing his best to fill in the gap left by his father. While OJ is very familiar with the job and the horses, he isn’t succeeding as much as his father had.  

Challenge… saving the ranch. Most of the pressure is falling on him instead of his sister since she doesn’t have the same attachment to the ranch that he does. It pains him to sell horses to keep the ranch running, so when something supernatural is occurring on their land, he wants to work with his sister to see if they can profit from it. But he is beginning to wonder if the supernatural events may be more of a downside than an upside. As he says to Em, "What's a bad miracle? They got a word for that?"

Personality… introverted, loyal, and smart. He’s not at all bubbly like his sister is, but the two get along well. OJ can be closed off from people he meets, but when it comes to the ones he cares for, he instantly casts aside his fears to protect them.


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